St Tropez Naturals

A little light tan can go a long way. And we don’t mean sticking your head in a chocolate fountain and shaking off the slack – no one wants to see a dirty protest all over your face! – but a pleasant patina of colour. You know, take the edge off, make your pearly whites pop, stop you looking like Nicola Roberts, that sort of thing.
And St. Tropez, who are our absolute favourite colour providers until someone else bribes us, have added a new – what are we calling this? – range to their – what are we calling this? – collection of – what are we calling this? – goods. Called St. Tropez Naturals, they have done a very clever thing; combine natural ingredients (didn’t see that one coming, did you!) like pomegranate extract and grape seed oil with the active (and naturally occuring!) ingredient vegetan to create a colour that is gentle and subtle, won’t leave your bed sheets looking like the Turin Shroud or that perennial piece of toast with the image of the baby Jesus on it, and will make you look scientifically more beautiful. In a natural way.
After all, pale is only interesting if you’re interesting, and no one wants that sort of pressure. Not in January.

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