The Exhibition: The Power of Making

V&A, The Power of Making

Some people would have it that we only plug the V&A’s new exhibitions because we’re on their permanent launch party list and they don’t ‘alf know how to put on a launch party (the champagne never, ever runs out!). What else is true is that the V&A is just about our favourite museum in the world. We even love the chandeliers in the cafe! And even truer than that, is the V&A‘s next exhibition entitled The Power of Making. This one celebrates, well, just gorgeous things as made by the fair hands of real people going about their business, as well as those who call themselves ‘professional designers’. Featuring over 100 exquisitely crafted objects from around the world, it’s an eclectic mix including a towering prosthetic suit for Stephen Hawking (you can never be too careful!) made of Japanese steel, a high-heeled shoe guitar (multi-tasking!), to a, okay, not quite sure what that is… Anyway, it’s a whole bunch of loveliness, it’s on from 6th September until 2nd January 2012, and we may even stop drinking our champagne to take a look and nod in all the right places.


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