The Book: Peter Ackroyd, The History of England Volume I

Peter Ackroyd, The History of England Volume 1

Peter Ackroyd – variously described as ‘London’s Official Biographer’, ‘The Official Biographer of London’ and ‘London’s Biographer, It’s Official!’ – has a new book out. Which is a big ol’ deal in terms of historical tomes. And an even bigger deal seeing as we’ve had it up to here with David Starkey *reaches very high*, so there’s now room on our bulging shelves for a sturdy work on British history. Enter Ackroyd’s The History of England, Volume I: Foundation (perhaps through a cloud of dry-ice) which covers – with mind-blowing erudition – the history of this green and pleasant and as we go to press warm and sunny land, from the Neolithic period up until the death of Henry VII in 1509. It’s a whopper of a period, but Peter portrays it with such colour, movement, flourish and panache, you’d think it was all for real!
Oh, and there are five more volumes to come. Bang goes our social life!
Oh, and another oh… Peter Ackroyd is giving a talk next Thursday, 8th September at the Southbank Centre, but seeing as that’s the night of the next Jake party no one of merit will be there. Even Peter’s not confirmed yet.

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