The Meet-and-Greet: Confessions of a Mormon Boy

Confessions of a Mormon Boy

‘Moving’, ‘funny’, ‘powerful’, ‘hot man in pants’… the accolades for Confessions of a Mormon Boy have been off the scale. The basic everyday story of a good Mormon lad who becomes a high-class hooker and major drugs whore in New York City, Confessions was an off-Broadway hit and it’s coming to London. And not only do we highly recommend it, we have used all our best contacts to wangle a meet and a greet (with alcohol in the room) for Jake members and the guy in pants. His name – he has a name, rude! – is Steven Fales and he will be meeting and greeting, mixing and mingling with you lot, a glass of fizz in his hand on Monday, 19th September at the Charing Cross Theatre, just across the tunnel from Heaven off Villiers Street. All you have to do to get yourself into that champagne reception is book a ticket – just £15 – which means you’re already five golden coins the richer than if you were just any old one buying a ticket! – at Enter the code ‘Jake’ to get the package (there’s a smutty joke in there somewhere if you want it). You can also phone the box office on 020 7907 7075. Warning: Steven will probably be wearing trousers during the meet and greet. Wise man. You will have had a glass of champagne!

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