The Boot: Unconditional Rocco

Unconditional Rocco boot

Welcome to our new favourite boot. It’s shiny in all the right places, is three-tone to your common-or-garden two- (suede, plain leather and patent leather. This boot’s on fire!), elevates the wearer without getting cocky about it, can pull itself off from all angles, looks great with a fastidiously cropped jean and/or peeping out of something a little more formal ‘n’ full-length, doesn’t cross the line into too dolly (youknowwhatwe’retalkingabout, right?), is from UNCONDITIONAL, and comes in at £249. Which is three shillings in old money. And you can get it here, or by going to Unconditional+, 16 Monmouth Street, WC2.
Our work here is done.

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