The Show: Batman Live

Batman Live

When we were absent-mindedly watching T4 the other Sunday (it’s the only way to watch it) and were bombarded with colour, movement and men in tight clothing during the ad break, we were a little taken aback. Not least because we were getting it confused with the Hollyoaks omnibus. But once the mist had cleared and the Lycra had loomed a little closer, the familiar silhouette of pointy ears and bulging thighs – combined with a big 02 logo bouncing around the screen like a deflating balloon – brought what can only be described as clarity to an otherwise tricky situation. Batman Live was coming to The O2 from 24th August, and it didn’t care who knew about it.
Acrobatics, death-defying stunts, a theatrical extravaganza the likes of which have never been seen before – that’s what it was promising, in this London leg of the Batman Live World Arena Tour, and it was forcing us to believe it. Not only that, but gentlemen about town are telling us that Batman Live posters have popped up – overnight! – in the Vauxhall area, which can only mean one thing. And whilst we’re at it, the show is described as ‘an affective coming of age story’ – and you can be the judge of that by buying tickets from here, and perhaps even going to see the show.

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