The TV Movie: Fish Tank

fish tank film

You probably think you’ve seen enough oiks in hoodies to last you a lifetime after the week we’ve had, but please don’t let that put you off Fish Tank when it turns up on TV this Sunday. The brilliant (and we don’t just toss words like ‘brilliant’ around… or do we?) film by Andrea Arnold centres on a working class girl living out Essex way who just wants to dance. But don’t think it’s a Streetdance 3D type thing (though we did also find that movie to be, erm, brilliant as well). It’s gritty, it’s brilliantly acted (there’s that word again!) and it moves in all sorts of directions that you’re not expecting. Oh, and it stars the highly delicious Michael Fassbender as the male totty. Tough and gritty with plenty of foul language it’s also warm, funny, insightful, touching… and, yes, brilliant. See it on BBC2 this Sunday starting at 11pm.

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