The Gelateria: Polka Gelato

polka gelato

Gelato is the new cup cakes, in that there seems to be no end to the public’s appetite for it (even if it is just ice-cream) and there seems to be no end of people willing to invest money in shops to sell the stuff. There’s even a new one in Muswell Hill, for goodness sake! But we defy you to find a gelateria (or ice-cream parlour if you’re a stickler for using the Queen’s English) to hold a light to Polka Gelato where they do hand-crafted artisan ice cream and never mind the expense. Flavours range from your vanillas and pistachios right through to your nicciolas and your torrones but, if we’re honest, it’s the stark concrete surroundings that are attracting us even more. Check it out if you’re NoHo-bound – as it’s based at 45 Fitzroy Street, which is Warren Street way. They also deliver. Go to if you don’t believe us.


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