The 3D Movie: Glee

Glee 3D

Admit it: you are a Gleek. And admit it: the only thing that was keeping you away from the recent Glee concerts was the idea of having to stand next to a bunch of pre-teenage girls losing control of their bladders the minute Finn or Mr. Shuester popped up on stage. Well now you can get your Glee concert moment – in you’ll-have-someone’s-eye-out 3D – at the cinema with Glee: The 3D Concert. Someone very clever and technically minded had the foresight to film those concerts using the latest 3D technology especially for someone like you. See the whole lot of them – Rachel, Finn, the gay one, the black one, the fat one, the one in the wheelchair, the hot one, the dumb one, the other hot one – in all their all-singing, all-dancing realness at the Vue West End in Leicester Square. Ring 08712 240 240 if you’re the sort of person that needs to organize in advance. Oh, and remember a medium sweet popcorn can contain as many as 1,200 calories and 79g of fat.

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