The Shindig: A Madonna Odyssey

A Madonna Odyssey

You like Madonna. You like equality for all. So, how about an event that is all about Madonna but which raises money that goes towards equality for all? Couldn’t be more perfect, right? It’s called A Madonna Odyssey, it’s produced by Madonnalicious and it’s in aid of Stonewall, who have done such sterling work down the years for the equality of the gays, the lesbians, even the bisexuals. It’s on Sunday 14th August (and what a refreshing change to do something a little active on a Sunday!), it’s at Punk, which is a cute little club in Soho Street, just north of Soho Square and you can expect celebrities getting into the groove, the cream of clubland (Dusty O, Tasty Tim, names, names, names), a Madonna shop, performances, drinks, boys, cabaret, a search for Madonna’s biggest fan who will appear in a Madonna documentary, you name it… Not bad for just £10, if you buy your tickets here (or £15 on the door). It all kicks off at 7pm and there’s no doubting it will be something to Cherish. We’ll just leave that dangling there, shall we?

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