The Pride: Brighton

Brighton Pride 2011

So the rumours are true. Brighton Pride – a perennial favourite amongst gays, lesbians and undecideds throughout the south east – has erected that most modern of devices, a pay wall. There have been huffs and puffs and houses have almost been blown down, but frankly if it keeps out the ne’er do wells in man-mades (we know who we’re talking about, right? We don’t need to elaborate, do we? No one needs to be named or shamed, do they?), then we wholeheartedly approve. That isn’t the official line, obviously – something to do with police and health and safety and c) and d) – but the truth of the matter is that if you plan on doing Brighton and all who sail in her on Saturday 13th August, then it’s highly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance. From here. Unless you like paying more on the door, and queuing. And who in their right mind likes that sort of carry on?

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