The Film: Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses

There’s presumably an intrinsic humour in this week’s literally-titled moving picture release in the fact that Colin Farrell is going against type as a creep-with-a-comb-over (you’ve seen the sex tape, right?!), ditto Jennifer Aniston as a sexual predator, but Seth Gordon’s big movie breakthrough, Horrible Bosses, (if you don’t count Four Christmases. And no-one counts Four Christmases) actually wins through as a witty diatribe against the American Dream. Basically, it’s a bunch of ego-maniacal bosses who inspire murder in their staff. Sounds familiar! The casting is near perfect, with the murder arc actually coming across as more of a slightly annoying sub-plot to drive the infinitely more entertaining repartee between characters, which is this film’s strength – that and Jamie Foxx as the crazy-as-a-bed-bug murder consultant.

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One Response to The Film: Horrible Bosses

  1. Lee says:

    How can you ignore the fact the jennifer aniston’s character uses the term ‘faggot’? Once again another hollywood film showing the world that this is an acceptable slur. 😦

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