The Museum: Sammy Ofer Wing, National Maritime Museum

Sammy Ofer Wing, National Maritime Museum

Expect a few nose-related gesticulations as the most modern – and visible – addition to the National Maritime Museum opens its glitzy doors to the public this weekend. This glass:concrete extension – housing Voyagers, the story of Britain and the sea – is courtesy (well, £20million of it) of Israeli shipping billionaire Sammy Ofer (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) and is a simplistic, mostly elegant addition to the astonishing World Heritage Site over at Greenwhich (which includes Christopher Wren’s baroque Royal Naval College and Inigo Jones’s Queen’s House) – though it’s not close to being in their league, which is where most people will get a bit sniffy. But at least it’s not pastiche, so count your blessings. And BP/Snappy Snaps/KFC haven’t got hold of the rather lovely outdoor umbrellas yet – if they do, that’s when we’ll be calling in the guard.

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One Response to The Museum: Sammy Ofer Wing, National Maritime Museum

  1. Geoff3 says:

    The new Sammy Ofer wing of the Maritme Museum is the best thing that has happened to Greenwich for ages! Its architecture blends in so well with its surroundings, complementing the existing museum buildings. My young children especially love the water features. The Architects and the NMM must be applauded. It’s a real shame that The University of Greenwich School of Architecture didn’t get an architect to design their new campus as well as this.

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