The Jake Summer Party: Eight Club

Jake Summer Party, Eight Club

It was Jake’s most favourite party of recent times, one that ended in a group exodus to nearby gay bars and several business and, ahem, personal hook-ups that have come to full fruition. It was at gorgeously smart but not scary smart City members’ club Eight, and in a break from Jake tradition, it took place on a Friday. Well, such was the approval heaped on the venue – airy, high up with a delicious wrap-around terrace for outside quaffing – that we, in our wisdom, have decided to hold the Jake Summer Party there. Imagine the sunshine streaming through those floor-to-ceiling windows right into your drink while you chat to Jake members and are doted on by the lovely Eight staff! There will be a nice welcome drink on arrival (and they really are nice!), shots circulating (which is where it kind of went a bit wild last time) bits of food coming round and all for the price of just £10 for Complimentary Members. If you’re a fully paid-up Professional Member you get in for nothing. It’s set to be a great night out with the exact right mix of youth and experience, great looks, wit and tight trousers.

Jake Summer Party @ Eight
Friday, 12th August
6.30pm – late

RSVP here.

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