The Concerts: Morrissey

Morrissey London dates

He’s a controversial, miserable old bugger, is ex-Smiths man, Morrissey. When he’s not banging on about immigrants or asking festivals to turn the sausages down because meat is murder (mate, the sausages are also murder: you should taste them!) he’s moaning on about how the Queen is like Colonel Gaddafi or somesuch. And yet some people like him. Love him even. Idolise him. Have their hair cut like him. We once saw a tattoo of him (well, it was either him or Mr. Punch). Anyways, for those who do do Morrissey and do like The Smiths, there are two concerts you really should be in on coming up. One is at Brixton Academy on 7th August (tricky on the legs is the BA, what with that sloping floor) another on 8th August at the dolly old London Palladium. We know which one we’d be up for. Apparently, and unusually, many Smiths songs are revisited for those who used to wear rolled up jeans, brogues and Fairisle tank tops.

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