The Absinthe Bar: Brompton Bar & Grill

Brompton Bar & Grill, Absinthe Bar

Believe it or not, London didn’t – until now – have an absinthe bar to call its very own. We know – we have a reputation to maintain! Thankfully, those clever Dicks and Harrys over at Brompton Bar & Grill have remedied this embarrassing situation by opening what is – and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know what’s coming – London’s first absinthe bar! So now we can all get crazy as a box of hair in the louche ‘n’ sultry surrounds of BB&G’s (aren’t they a band?) basement, where wooden tables are covered with all the necessary paraphernalia – iced water fountain, sugar cane, vintage tumblers and absinthe spoons. We’re probably there/under the table as we speak.


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