The Pride: London

London Pride

They may have amputated the fun we used to have back in the 90s when you could follow the march and then have some time in the sun in a park, maybe swim while half drunk, go on the fun fair, dance yourself sick in a tent, maybe with the help of a light freshener – maybe without – and still fit in some homophobic abuse from the locals on the way back to the Tube station, but Pride is still worth doing. March with the masses from BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place, just up from Oxford Circus Tube, to Trafalgar Square, take in the speechifying and stalls of that same Trafalgar Square (oh, where is Hazell Dean when you need her?) or just roam around Soho with the tens of thousands of out-of-town gays looking for – and mostly finding – a good time. In the evening expect a racked up selection of events with Liberation at Fire in Vauxhall the official shindig and then wake up to a town still full of gays looking for a nice brunch – or to start all over again. It may not be as joyous as Madrid Pride or even Tel Aviv Pride (well, that does end up on a beach, so it’s already at an advantage) but London Pride still has it going on and next year will have it going on even more in the shape and form of World Pride.

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