The (Free) Concert: Ezra Axelrod

Ezra Axelrod

Riddle us this: singer, songwriter, pianist, performer, gay, tinker, tailor (maybe), LGBT freedom fighter (hooray!), shares a name with Ezra Pound (and it’s not Pound), actually sings about being gay… fancy seeing him, much?
Well now’s your chance, as Ezra Axelrod will be putting on a show (and if any of his previous are anything to go by, what a show!) at London’s Bush Hall on Thursday July 14th, when he will be presenting songs from his new, and second, album, Songs From The American Motel, which (and we’d like to thank the press release for its support at this important crossroads) ‘brings Ezra’s music to the stage in a pop-rock spectacle that fuses his western roots, classical upbringing and knack for theatrical storytelling’.
And Ezra, lovely as he is, has said that Jake members can go see his London show for free. That’s free. By putting Jake Guestlist in the subject of an email and sending it to
Oh, and he’s very cute. Not that that’s relevant in today’s music industry. God, shallow!

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