The Book: The Stranger’s Child, Alan Hollinghurst

Alan Hollinghurst, Stranger's Child

Love him or hate him or really hate him with a passion, a new Alan Hollinghurst is always something to sit up and take notice of, even if it’s for a limited time only. From the raunchy Swimming Pool Library to the Booker-winning (and almost totally infuriating) TV series-inspiring Line of Beauty, he has a take – albeit an upper middle-class take – on the whole British gay experience as it’s lived by real people. The Stranger’s Child – hardback or maybe even airport exclusive – is almost a flip-over of The Line of Beauty in that instead of a middle-class student infiltrating the upper-crust world, it’s an aristocratic student who sets about seducing a decidedly lower-middle class family he moves in with. It’s set around the First World War, and is thick with the War Poets, meaning you can expect writing – and lots of it! – and characters and many of the things you might expect from a novel. £18 and odd from sellers of books.

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One Response to The Book: The Stranger’s Child, Alan Hollinghurst

  1. Why even promote him?! You clearly don’t like the guy – and there is a lot not to like about AH and his work, so why not promote queer authors who really are doing something interesting, not the usual upper middle class whining/wining stuff.

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