The Bingo: Gay Bingo

Gay Bingo

You may think you have played bingo, you may even think you’re a bit of a dab hand with a dabber (that’s one of those super thick felt-tip pens you would know all about if you were a bingo regular), but until you have played the original Gay Bingo, you can pretty much consider yourself a bingo virgin. Much the same as bingo-proper, with sheets of numbers and pens and calling, Gay Bingo takes the traditional nanna’s favourite into new territory with funny calling (forget ‘Two fat ladies’ and get ready for much, erm, fresher calling terminology), a revolutionary let’s call it enactment of the number 69, and possible/probably nudity at some point (those young straight lads can’t seem to keep their clothes on when super-trannies Jonny Woo and Ma Butcher are calling the numbers and the shots). A top fun night out especially when you add booze to the proceedings, Gay Bingo is at its new home at Soho Theatre Downstairs on Sunday, that’s 3rd July. Book your tickets here. And if you don’t, those poor children won’t get anything.

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