The Sleepover: Lullaby

duckie sleepover

You know how sometimes you go to the theatre, because you’re a good citizen and want something to put in your Guardian Soulmates profile, and as soon as you get there you think, ‘I’ll just rest my eyes while I listen’. Next thing you know, you’ve slept through most of whatever it was, you’ve missed your interval drinks order, and it’s time to get yourself into a taxi? Well, the very clever people who run Duckie, the alternative night out at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, have come up with the idea of a theatre experience where you are actually encouraged to have a kip. In fact, you’re encouraged to slip into pyjamas, brush your teeth and get into bed before the performance – music, bedtime stories, you know the sort of thing – can even begin. You get to choose between a single, a double or a king-size bed, though goings-on under the covers will be dealt with severely (it’s not that kind of bed show) and you get breakfast in the morning. Duckie Presents Lullaby – The Sleepover Show is at The Pit at the Barbican and runs from 24th June (that’s tonight if you’re reading this on Friday 24th) until 24th July, from 10.30pm (that’s past your bedtime) until 9am. Call 0844 848 5227 for tickets.

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