The Movie: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids movie

Following last week’s low-brow movie treat, Bad Teacher, may we recommend to you something even better: Bridesmaids. It’s being touted as the female Hangover but, fun as that was, it’s underselling our new favourite movie and by quite a wide margin. And don’t for one moment think this bears any resemblance to your regular rom-com bride movie: Bridesmaid’s is an altogether darker, sarkier affair and way – but wa-hay – funnier and starring our new favourite actress, Maya Rudolph, who is soul singer Minnie Riperton’s daughter, for fact fans. Critics have called it a triumphant blend of bad taste and good humour with a toucing emotional core. All we know is we lived in fear of ruining a pair of very expensive underpants. Bridesmaids opens Friday 24th (which is probably today for most of us).

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