The (International) Club: Room Service, Ibiza

aura ibiza

Rumour has it Jakers (plural of ‘one who is a member of, or frequents, Jake’) are jet-setters. And if there’s anything we’re guilty of, it’s believing rumours. So it might prick up your ears to know that Room Service, the sexiest night in London’s fancy Soho, has upped sticks and moved to Ibiza for the summer. Taking its unashamedly sexy-ness with it. And its home from home for the balmy months with be Aura, probably/definitely the darndest loveliest club in the whole of Ibiza Isle, with lovely seating and trickling water features and bars where the queue isn’t 17 people thick and, you know, other just gorgeous things. The opening party is this Monday (27th) so if you’re there already, well, lucky you! If you’re not, well, oh! And if you’re planning on heading over to Ibiza anytime soon, go to this here website and get yourself on the guestlist. Because there’s nothing worse than a finger at the door pointing to the direction from whence you came.

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