The Cabaret: Justin Bond

justin bond Dendrophile

Justin Vivian Bond, the Broadway-appearing, album-releasing, Shortbus-starring, Tony-nominated cabaret sensation is heading to London with a brand new show. The noisy half of legendary double-act Kiki and Herb (so that would make him Kiki), Bond took his alcoholic, resentfully aging character Kiki all the way to Carnegie Hall and to major critical acclaim for aggressive lounge takes on alternative rock classics. This new stint at the Soho Theatre Downstairs accompanies the release of his debut album, Dendrophile, which refers to those who are sexually excited by nature. Although Justin denies rubbing leaves over his naked body, he is definitely up there with Wordsworth and Coleridge in the ‘we’re too turned on by lakes’ club. The opportunity to meet and see Bond perform is yours from 28th June to 9th July at the Soho Theatre Downstairs. Apparently Mx. Bond (Justin will have no truck with Mr. or Ms.) finds his performances here a little more risqué, as he always gets involved in naughtier practices in The Big Smoke. We’ve interpreted this as his polite way of telling us ‘Londoners are more fun’. Call 020 478 0100 for tickets.

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