The Album: Beyonce 4

Beyonce 4

A new Beyoncé album is always an event, not least because it means there will be a whole new set of dance moves we can bust (that’s the verb the kids are using these days, apparently). The new one, called simply 4 (it’s a significant date because of birthdays and anniversaries and this also happens to be Queen B’s fourth solo outing), which we heard at an exclusive little listen-through last week at the glitzy Swarovsky Lounge last week (champagne in gold rimmed glasses, canapes, the works) is a mixture of muscular, sexy ballads with that weird beat thing she usually has going on, and party tunes – again beefy, again muscular: she must be pouring creatine in somewhere – with collaborations from the likes of Andre 2000 and Kanye West. And as this is Beyoncé, you know you are listening to the future of r’n’b, to sounds that will be replicated somewhere along the line by the likes of Rihanna and… other r’n’b-type divas. More challenging than your regular pop album, but – because of that – way more rewarding, 4 is out on Monday from all the usual on-line and off-line and real-life outlets.

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