The Scent: Creed Original Cologne

creed original cologne

Inspired by the aromas of the Regency and Victorian era of Paris and London (though apparently not those of the oudoor cesspits or plethora of gin-breweries), comes the luxurious Original Cologne, an innovative Creed vision that amalgamates the Victorian and modern day man, to produce a scent that whilst remaining understated has the longevity to last an entire day in the office. Or up the chimney. With lemon and grapefruit top notes accompanying a base note of white musk, this fragrance can be worn throughout the seasons and even though £375 would probably have bought you half of Hampshire in Dickensian times, that’s the price for a 250ml bottle of the new fragrance – albeit coming as it does in a hand-blown glass bottle etched with the Creed crest. It’s a Harrods exclusive but you’ll just have to put up with that.

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One Response to The Scent: Creed Original Cologne

  1. Simon Cooper says:

    With the recession in mind, I am a little amazed that you’d plug a cologne costing 375 pounds, more than enough to keep most families in food for a month. Are you crazy?

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