The Party: Stonewall Summer Party

some people are gay

Would you like to be hob-nobbing with the hob nobs at an al fresco party on a rooftop somewhere in London, glass in hand, business card at the ready, clean sheets on the bed at home (if you know what we’re saying)? Then you could do a whole lot worse than fork out £60 for a ticket to the Stonewall Summer Party. Taking place in the Roof Gardens in Kensington this Friday, you can expect the great, the good and some ne’er-do-wells who are, nevertheless, quite good value for money all doing their bit for charity by drinking, eating, chatting, flirting and doing what gentlemen do come Friday night. All proceeds go to Stonewall’s rather excellent Education For All campaign, which is blazing a trail (or trailing a blaze) in the eradication of homophobic bullying in our schools. It kicks off at 7pm Friday (today!) and goes on until 3am. Click here for tickets.

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