The Exhibition: More Guys Hanging

More Guys Hanging

Think of it as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition only for photos. By gay men. It’s called More Guys Hanging and it is a collection of shots by members of the Gay Photographers Network and the reason it compares to the RA thing is that it’s such a diverse bunch of work, from the great to the not so great, with subject matter veering from the gay – this Torso by Stephen David Lim, a guy in Ginch Gonch underwear with an elephant, three drag queens dollying about on top of a cliff – to the not gay at all.  You know, buildings, travel photography, stuff… It’s all part of the Pride Festival and takes place at the Strand Gallery from 21st June, when it will be opened – inexplicably! – by Toyah Wilcox.

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3 Responses to The Exhibition: More Guys Hanging

  1. John Drennan says:

    One hates to ruin a review with the correction of facts, but the GPN does not in fact comprise only of gay men. It’s a diverse and inclusive group of people, who time after time confound the stereotyped view that their work will consist of predictable and limited subject matter. Our members are very much ‘photographers of the world around them’ rather than just ‘photographers of Soho’.

    But don’t let anyone else make up your mind for you, come along and make your own mind up. The exhibition is open from 11am-7pm Tue 21st – Sat 26th, and 11-2pm Sun 27th.

    The Gay Photographers Network will be raising money from the Private View event and all throughout the week for the Disabled Photographers Society and London Friend charities.

  2. Gary (gaz) Sherwood says:

    Well the Independent and Time Out both gave fab write ups, but then they can tell there arts from their elbow 😉

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