The Coffee Table Book: David Gandy

david gandy book

David Gandy (there should be an ‘aaaah’ after those words) has a book out. Or rather, Dolce & Gabbana, the not-together-any-more Him & Him of the fashion world, have. Or rather, it’s a bunch of pictures of David Gandy in (and mostly out) of D&G clobber, for D&G campaigns, as selected by messrs Domenico and Stefano (there are only so many times you can say D and G. SEO or no SEO).
Other things you should note about DG (not to be confused with D&G) are that his stepping out with a Saturday (ask your niece. Or maybe that’s far too presumptuous) frankly means nothing to us; he wants people to think he’s smart (we’ll be the judge of that); the proceeds of this book are going to charity (Project EUPLOOS); and you can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes. And we’re guessing it’s available in most good bookshops. But don’t quote us on that.

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