The TV Show(s): Case Histories / Injustice

Jason Isaacs, Case Histories

Maybe it’s because we fancy the leads in both the shows; maybe it’s because we’re kinda related to one of them via marriage and like Momma always said, ‘If you can’t do it on merit, there’s always nepotism’ (we were amazed she knew the word); maybe it’s because we actually still get confused between Jason Isaacs and James Purefoy; maybe it’s because the latter (or was it the former?) went full frontal in HBO’s Rome (which was like holding a mirror up to history!); or maybe it’s because we’re a Londoner… but we just couldn’t settle on which major new crime thriller-cum-drama-cum-thriller premiering this week on prime time telly was going to be our favourite, so we decided to schtump for both of them. And they are, in no particular order (don’t want anyone getting jealous)… Injustice (James Purefoy, ITV1, Monday 6th, 9pm) and Case Histories (Jason Isaacs, BBC1, Sunday 5th, 9pm), and chances are we’ll even watch both of them. We’re kind like that.

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