The Play: Butley

Dominic West, Butley

And completing our trio of hot middle-aged debonair actors with a touch of the brute as featured on this week’s The Briefing is… *drum roll*… Dominic West who, friendship with Samantha Cameron aside (that’s always a passion killer that one), can come be our thinking man’s crumpet any time. Which is spooky seeing as in his latest role, Dominic West is just such a thing. Namely the namesake in Simon Gray’s Butley, a play about a witty, sardonic academic who’s having, how shall we put this… a very bad day. His wife has left him for a bore (the cheek!), his boyfriend has found another benefactor (oh, now your ears are pricked!), and even the English Department’s resident loser has got himself a book deal (well, if Justin Bieber can…). And Butley’s just about to hit the self-destruct button. And wouldn’t you know it, great plays are made of this black comedy stuff, so get your tickets here. It’s on until 27th August at the Duchess, WC2.

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