The Tapas Bar: Capote y Toros

Capote y Toros

There is a little bit of Spain in South Kensington where you can get tapas better – and we’re speaking literally; how else would you like us to speak? – than you can get them in Spain. There. We’ve said it. Out loud. At this spot you will find, somewhere up the wrong end of Old Brompton Road, a little sisterly triangle of tapas restaurants. Cambio de Tercio and Tendido Cero have been there for a while and are increibles. But now you have Capote y Toros (or Cape and Bulls), a little tapas bar where sherry is the order of the day. And when we say sherry, we won’t insult you by having to clarify that we are aware that you are aware that we are aware that sherry is very smart and crisp and clever and nothing to do with nanas. The menu also is heavy on the sherry and we would recommend it higher than your average kite. Find Capote y Toros at 157 Old Brompton Road, SW5. Visit their website at

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2 Responses to The Tapas Bar: Capote y Toros

  1. Hugh Wright says:

    Couldn’t agree more about this fantastic little (very little!) place. If anyone would like to read a fuller review – and will excuse this act of shameless self-promotion – there’s one on my restaurant blog TwelvePointFivePercent at

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