The Survey: Stonewall Gay Men’s Health

Stonewall Gay Men's Health Survey

As a gentleman who prefers gentlemen (we hate to be presumptuous but, well…) you know the ins and outs (we hate to pun, but…) and ups and downs of a gentleman-who-prefers-gentlemen’s sex life (again, we hate to be presumptuous…) – yet little is known about the general health of said same-sex oriented men. But over at Stonewall – those good people who look out for our general wellbeing – they’re rolling out what is set to be a very-important-indeed survey, and the largest ever of its kind, to garner information and gauge just exactly the health needs of, well, us lot. It’s big and it’s clever and you should really go here to do your bit. You may be grateful when your temperature all of a sudden rises.

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