The Ballet: Scenes de Ballet/Voluntaires/The Rite of Spring

Scenes de Ballet/Voluntaries/The Rite of Spring

We are getting into ballet but only in bite-size chunks. We loved the recent triptych at the Royal Opera House, especially Danse a Grande Vitesse, and now we’re all about Scenes de Ballet/Voluntaries/The Rite of Spring, again at the Royal Opera House. Not only do you not have to sit through hours of something but you get two intervals to go out and quaff and flirt and pretend you’re in a version of Portrait of a Lady (just don’t take a feathered fan… They’re so last year). Rite of Spring is the famous Stravinsky ballet, made famous by Nijinsky, but here produced with male principles dancing a traditionally female role, while Frederick Ashton’s Scenes de Ballet is adored with a passion that only ballet fans can truly muster. And with those two, who cares what the third one is like, though we’re sure it’s truly amaze. For tickets click here. Oh, and ballet fans, don’t forget the Royal Opera House will be beaming Manon live to the huddled masses in Trafalgar Square on 1st June.

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