The Play: Betrayal

Betrayal, Comedy Theatre

One of the most revered and oft-revived plays of the 20th century, Harold ‘Dramatic Pause’ Pinter’s Betrayal, is being put through its paces once more with Ian ‘Children’s Hour with Keira Knightley’ Rickson at the helm. Opening at the Comedy Theatre on 16th June, the play traces (backwards! Modern!) the seven-year affair between art gallery owner Emma and literary agent Jerry (the best friend of her publisher husband. Naughty!) and is set to run until 2oth August. Kristin Scott Thomas plays Emma (previous turns in the same role have been Penelope Wilton, Dervla Kirwan and – in the Oscar-nominated film adaptation from 1983 – Patricia Hodge) with Douglas Henshall and Ben Miles completing the principal cast. And we’d like to take this opportunity to say our obsession with Kristin Scott Thomas is mild-to-serious. As well as point you in the right direction for tickets. *points*

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One Response to The Play: Betrayal

  1. Matthew S says:

    This is one of Pinter’s best plays.

    Its structured in a clever way and as with many writers, is partly autobiographical in character.

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