The Tour: George Michael

George Michael tour

When our stiff invite (can emails be stiff?) landed in our in-boxes last week asking us to a ‘very important press conference with George Michael‘ we thought at least three of the following things:

– He is with child
– He is reforming Wham!
– He is touring again, but that’s not especially press conference-worthy seeing as he only toured, you know, recently.
– He’s bringing back the white Speedo, only hotter, whiter and Speedier.

Then we went and it turns out he’s touring again. We almost fell off our chair, then gathered ourselves together to take notes which, until embargoes and all that lark are lifted, consist of the following:

– The tour’s taking in the UK and Europe (the UK has to be differentiated from Europe when we’re talking music. We don’t need to explain why) and it’s called Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour
– George will play 15 countries, from August through to November 2011
– It’s different from the last one as it’s with an orchestra and in fancy places, like the Royal Albert Hall
– If you want to ask George about anything other than ‘the music’, you have to reach him via Twitter. How down with the kids is he?

Oh, and one final thing. You can pre-register your interest in tickets here. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll get any, but you’ll almost certainly get an email telling you the second those tickets go on sale. Isn’t technology modern!

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