The Private View (with booze): Minimum After Minimalism

Intervention Gallery, Kensal Green Cemetery

We at Jake like a private view; chit and/or chat, a tall drink of something cold and delicious – perhaps even a glass of wine – the finest of very fine art, hob-nobbing with the hob-nobs, perhaps another one of those tall cold delicious things… Darned good evenings are made of this, which is why we’ll be swishing (who in their right mind would do anything other than swish?) down to the rather gorgeous Intervention Gallery in the rather surreal and beautiful surroundings of the Anglican Chapel in Kensal Green Cemetery on Sunday 15th May, between the hours of 2 and 4pm, for a private view of the stunning exhibition Minimum After Minimalism. Which – and this is the point at which we refer to our notes – is work by eight artists whose practice highlights contemporary responses to minimalism, through use of the found object or ready-made and an exploration of everyday occurrences, actions and sounds. We have no idea what that means, but it’s forcing us to believe it. And it’s curated by Jaker Lorenzo Belenguer and wine is provided by Elvillar. And it all looks rather lovely so we’ll be there on the 15th, nodding knowingly in all the right places, glass of something tall/cold/delicious in hand.

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