The Hotel: Zetter Town House

Zetter Townhouse

When it comes to London hotels, you can’t beat Zetter in London’s not-so-glittering-but-still-quite-nice Clerkenwell. Or maybe you can. And don’t worry, the nice Zetter people won’t mind us saying this, because apart from being just stumbling distance across St. John’s Square from the main hotel, Zetter Town House is also, as the title inkles, a Zetter event. Just very different from the main event. Just 13 rooms in a Georgian townhouse, all beautifully restored to channel the atmosphere and ambience of that most free and easy period in English history. Think maximalism, with never a surface left unadorned and, more importantly, a state-of-the-art cocktail bar, with one of the best ‘mixologists’ operating today at work among the liqueurs. Intimate, cosy, opulent, snooky, boozy and lots of other things besides, Zetter Town House is pretty much where it’s at, at-wise. Find it at 49-50 St. John’s Square, EC1V 4JJ or direct your mouse to

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