The Album: Kate Bush

Kate Bush new album

You can wait a long time for a Kate Bush album. It’s sometimes even longer than the wait for BT to install your internet properly, but that’s a whole other can of worms. But she’s back. Sort of. With a director’s cut of two of her albums, like she didn’t have ultimate control the first time round (she did, by the way. She’s famous for it, ever since she insisted ‘Wuthering Heights’ should be her first single against her record company’s advice). The albums in question are The Sensual World (the one with ‘This Woman’s Work’) and Red Shoes, both crackers in their own right the first time round. What she has done, probably in her rustic farm in Kent, maybe wearing a home-knitted cardie without so much as a brush through her hair, is revisit various tracks on the albums, shake them up, spin them around, add some new twiddles and hey bingo, a new album! The single ‘Deeper Understanding’ is already out there, along with a film that stars Robbie Coltrane and Kate’s son Bertie, while the album Director’s Cut is released on Monday.

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