The Royal Wedding Street Parties

royal wedding street parties in London

Apparently, there’s a Royal wedding tomorrow. (Crazy, right?) And if you a) aren’t coming to Jake’s own Royal bash or b) are coming to Jake’s own Royal bash, you’ll be wanting a few alternatives for watching the actual humdinger of a Royal nuptials (before coming to Jake’s Royal Wedding bash). The humdinger to beat all humdingers, if we’re to believe the hype. And London’s parks and squares and markets and hallowed streets are pulling out all the stops so that we the common people can watch the dearly beloveds before and/or after they do the Westminster Abbey bit, in all their glory, on giant screens. And like the good subjects we are, here is our pick of the good’ns:

– The Leonard Street Royal Wedding Party: Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS

– Royal Wedding Weekend at St Katharine Docks, E1W 1LA

– Royal Wedding Screening, Belsize Park Everyman, NW3 4QC (on a first come, first entry basis)

– Royal Wedding Screening in Hyde Park (three big screens across the park, with food and drink available)

– Royal Wedding Screening in Trafalgar Square (we have a feeling this will be somewhat bumper-to-bumper)

*sings Land of Hope and Glory, loudly*

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