The Private View: Loss of Faith @ StARTSPACE

Christopher Campbell at StARTSPACE

‘I don’t believe in a god,’ says Christopher Campbell as a prelude to his new exhibition, Loss of Faith, a series of chillingly beautiful paintings of churches in Britain, the US and, erm, Iceland. Taking in Gothic cathedrals, modernist temples and neon-lit American ministries, Loss of Faith is a confrontation of faith rather than a celebration of it, and his stark representation of the religious structures beggars the question, ‘Is there actually anything behind these buildings?’ (Probably not, but who are we to judge?)
Campbell’s exhibition is at the StARTSPACE gallery on Columbia Road in Shoreditch (or Bethnal Green, depending on who you’re asking) and Jake members are invited to a private view on 5th May, from 6-8pm. There’s a glass of something in it for you, and we’ll be there as it’s very handy, well, our house if you must know.

Email for guest list for the private view.

StARTSPACE, 150 Columbia Road, E2 7RG

Loss of Faith, at Columbia Road’s StARTSPACE gallery. An exhibition which sees

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