Jake Boutique: Meditation

Jake Boutique: Meditation

It’s not a shop. It’s not a hotel. It’s an off-shoot of the Jake parties just much smaller, much more intime and with something specific to focus on. We’re thinking maybe 20 to 30 people gathered together in some comfy seats at Jake HQ in Soho to listen to someone thought-provoking who might tip the scales in the right direction in the old work/life balance thing. To kick off we have the lovely Michael from the London Meditation Centre to talk about the scientific benefits (there will be no mention of chakras and absolutely no incense burning) of daily vikram meditation. No spooky business, just medically proven facts on why transcendental meditation (which is much easier than it sounds) can help you sleep, give you more energy, help you get a better perspective on your life and work and generally give you the wiggle in your walk, the giggle in your talk that we could all do with in these tough times. With a glass of wine courtesy of us, Jake Boutique events are £10 a pop (free for Jake Professionals) and take place at 12 Moor Street, at the end of Old Compton Street. The meditation event is on Wednesday 11th May and RSVP is essential as numbers are so limited.

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