The innovation: Fellas

Fella, for a fresher cock

You know the feeling: you’ve been in work all day, it’s been hot, you’ve been drinking lots of water (health, health, health, sweetie) meaning lots of trips to the little boys’ room and you have a date which you’re hoping will turn into a red-hot date and you’re feeling… let’s just say not as fresh as you might (or others) might have wished for. Are we on the same page here? Well, some very clever people have come up with a solution which they have (unfortunately) decided to call Fellas. A Fella is basically a Wet Wipe designed specifically for the male intimate region (or cock, as we like to say as part of our ‘call a spade a spade’ campaign). With essences of orange and made from something which is apparently a soap substitute, meaning you are actually cleaning and not just smearing with something to mask the pong, Fellas fit into your wallet and your life and are well worth a try. Visit and bag a Fella (too easy).

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