The Film: Taxi Zum Klo

Taxi Zum Klo, London

When Taxi Zum Klo (it actually means ‘taxi to the toilet’, so you get the drift right away) was released in 1980 it was an instant smash-hit among gay men who didn’t really have very many places to go to see explicit representations of gay sex as it was actually had in the real world. Set in Berlin, it tells the story of a regular gay man who spends his days teaching children and his nights cruising for sex. But more than that, it actually feels like someone’s real life with all the bizarre balancing acts we modern gents have to perform on a daily basis. It’s a fascinating period piece, a quirky art-house movie and yes, why deny it?, a little on the sexy side. Even the fashions seem strangely back in a Shoreditch kind of way. Showing at smart cinemas (you know the ones where they serve wine!) across London town.

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