The Burlesque: Boylesk

Boylesk, Alan Debevoise

If your idea of burlesque is Dita Von Teese dollying about in bra and panties with maybe an outsize champagne glass somewhere on stage, then think again. Boylesk is more about, well, boys dollying about in panties (no bras) with maybe an outsize champagne glass somewhere on stage. Part of London Burlesque Week 2011 (who knew there was such a thing!), Boylesk is hosted by Ophelia Bits and features a line-up of young scamps including Go-Go Harder, Alan Debevoise fresh from Milan, Captain Anchor, British Heart as well as a bit of variety and ‘neo-cabaret’ from the likes of Equador the Wizard. Expect strip, expect tease, expect strip-tease and expect an evening of gentlemanly entertainment at the venerable Madame Jojo’s in Soho’s famed Brewer Street all on 27th April. It’s the first ever all-male burlesque, which means anything could happen as it tends to when men get together in a room full of stretchy costumes and glitter. Buy tickets from £16 to £30 here.

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One Response to The Burlesque: Boylesk

  1. John McHugh says:

    Dear Jake…. I’m not quite sure where your information was gathered from, but just to let you know that ‘Boylesk’ is not the first all male burlesque show to be performed in London.

    Infact, a similar event of it’s kind happened at the exact same venue ‘Madame JoJo’s’ on the 20th March 2009 called ‘Boylesque’. This was a Magnus Richard Production and hosted by Dusty Limits where ‘British Heart’ was indeed one of the performers that night amongst a line up that included; The Devil, Rasp Thorn, Mr Eagle Escapes and Hoan an acrobatic pole dancer.

    This was a charity event for Crusaid and raised a total of £1000 through tickets sales, so I hope that you are able to make the organiser of the forth coming all male revue aware that they are following in the footsteps of a previous troup of Boyz and trust that there is a charitable intention of a similar nature from the proceeds of the evening.

    Best regards

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