The Book: The Second Coming, John Niven

The Second Coming, John Niven

If you haven’t heard of Stelfox, you should’ve. Probably the most deliciously repulsive anti-hero in fiction this decade, he was the personification of everything that was (still is, a little) loathsome about the music industry in the ’90s, and the protagonist of Kill Your Friends by John Niven. A book that is chillingly real for those in ‘the industry’ and voyeuristically, repellently wonderful for those outside of it. And it is with much fanfare – and publishing houses are grasping at those fanfares with magnifying desperation these days – that John Niven has released his follow-up to Kill Your Friends, and it is called The Second Coming. Biblical connotations totally intentional. And the tagline is, ‘Sent from Heaven… raising Hell’. And we simply can’t wait. Seriously. Our copy of Kill Your Friends has been passed around our friends like a tatty old whore. Connotations totally intended.

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