The Musical: Thrill Me

Thrill Me, London

As musicals go, it’s kind of a funny one (unless you’re a Sondheim fan in which case it will seem terribly pedestrian): it is the real-life story of a probably gay couple who decide to kill a boy for the sheer hell of it – well that’s what happens when you read Nietzsche at an impressionable age. And if you think you recognise that potted synopsis you might be thinking ‘Leopold and Loeb’ or even ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope’ and you’d be bang on the money. Thrill Me, a new musical, is performed in London for the first time at the Tristan Bates Theatre at 1A Tower Street in Covent Garden. The voices are strong, the theme strange, the staging spare, the music interesting and the actors not entirely unattractive. Call 020 7240 6283 for the nice lady at the box office.

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