The Survey: The State of Gay

Old Compton Street, The Soho Collective

Sod the census (actually, better not). So, whilst not sodding the census, give this one a go. It’s Jake‘s very own State of Gay survey, which is not only kinda fun to fill out (especially if you’re a little OCD. And a little OCD never hurt anyone), but there’s an incentive in the form of five treatment packages at the Nickel Spa in Covent Garden. And incentives never hurt anyone.
The survey is completely anonymous, so you can throw caution to the balmy early summer breeze and delve deep into your inner gay and answer these probers with complete and utter honesty. And then we’ll be sharing the results with you as soon as someone in a white coat/Next suit sorts them all out for us.
Go here, and answer till your heart’s content.

ps. That pic, incidentally, is the view of Old Compton Street from our office. And Old Compton Street is kinda gay. As is our office.

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6 Responses to The Survey: The State of Gay

  1. Jonathan Simm says:

    Hello guys

    Hope ur well.

    I just completed the surveymonkey ‘The State of Gay’, to which u say there is an incentive (am assuming its a draw or something), but the survey did not capture my details (I don’t recall seeing anywhere to input such), so how will the ‘incentive’ be administered?



  2. Garrie Naden says:

    I have just done the Jake survey so please could you enter me into the prize draw, thanks

  3. Andrew Brennan says:

    Great survey – but def not one to do while you’re at work 😉

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