The Night Tour: Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

London is a city with all the right attractions (from the historic up to and including heavy drinking) but, save the latter, us natives are a bit lax when it comes to Doing The Tourist Thing (TM). Why, only last week we Made An Effort (TM) and went to the Tower of London and, well, our eyes almost popped out of our heads. Jewels the size of Guernsey and thousand-year-old graffiti (from people you’ve heard of)…? Now we’re talking! And next on our list is Buckingham Palace but, seeing as we like a twist with pretty much everything, we thought it only right we take advantage of a tour of the State Rooms – with a twist! (Didn’t see that one coming, right?).
Throughout April, those nice Buckingham Palace people (up to and including the Queen, we imagine) are laying on night tours of the main royal gaff, catering for up to 30 people, expertly driven by, erm, experts and lasting two hours – all rounded off with a glass of champagne in the Bow Room which overlooks the Palace garden. What, just the one?
They will be on the look-out for stowaways pre-The Royal Wedding, so don’t try your luck. Or do. We’re easy.

Book here.

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