The Book: London Under, Peter Ackroyd

Peter Ackroyd, London Under

If you’re into the whole London thing (if you aren’t, you’re bored of life or somesuch), chances are you’re into the whole Peter Ackroyd thing. Well, he is after all pretty much the official biographer of the city. His new book takes his ongoing investigations underground into the sewers, the Tube stations, the tunnels, the wells, the secret passages, the catacombs, the drains, the sewers… sorry, said sewers already. Anyway, into the downstairs bit of London. And it’s a short, sweet (and not so sweet) journey into the hidden past of our great city with surprising stories about a town you knew like the back of your partner’s head. It’s called London Under, it’s by Peter Ackroyd and it will cost you a version of £12.99, depending on how good your discount is. Chatto & Windus did all the publishing.

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